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The Vintage Story

It wasn’t long ago that a title company and mortgage company could be found on every street corner or in every small shopping center. The Sub Prime Crisis changed that and today there are far fewer mortgage companies and even fewer title companies than there were only 3-4 short years ago. Why did some survive and some fail? Well in the case of Vintage Settlement Services – the answer lies in our name – Service.

First and foremost at Vintage Settlement Services we realize that every transaction is the most important transaction for that particular buyer or borrower – and at Vintage we treat it that way. So whether you are a realtor, loan officer, builder, borrower or buyer we will make you feel like your transaction is the most important transaction in our business – because it is.

Like all successful businesses Vintage regularly reexamines all aspects of our operations and services. The changing mortgage market taught us that providing exemplary service over a wide geography didn’t require a large "footprint" and fully staffed offices in numerous locations. Rather it required us to embrace technology and employ a strong, knowledgeable, and customer-focused staff.

At Vintage we pride ourselves on finding a way to get your transaction done at the time and place you select. As times change so do the skill sets necessary to perform services. Today Vintage is well-versed in foreclosures and short sales.

So whether your next transaction is buying your dream house, refinancing your current house, or finally getting that customer of yours to settlement, Vintage Settlement Services will handle your transaction and delight you in the process!

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