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You will be very happy to know that all Vintage employees are well versed in speak TFSOL (that’s Title for Speakers of Other Languages). We know that we do this every day but that you may only do it 4-5 times in your entire life. We stand ready to help you understand the entire process when the time comes each and every form in the exhaustive stack of documents that you will sign at settlement.

We will work with you on the time and place for settlement. If you are selling we can wire your funds to the next title company to expedite your transaction. Or send them straight to your account. If you are buying we will take our time and make sure you are comfortable with each and every document.

After settlement Vintage retains electronic and paper files – so if you would like we can save a tree and email you a .pdf file of all your signed documents. Or we can give you the old fashioned folder – or both!

Loose some documents – an email containing copies of what you signed is only a phone call away. Everyone who employs Vintage Settlements for their purchases also receives sizable discounts on future refinances!