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Our Service Area

Vintage Settlement Services conducts over 500 “out of office” transactions a year – without missing a beat. That helps us make sure the settlement takes place and the time and location are convenient for all parties.

As indicated on our “Coverage Area Map” Vintage Settlement Services covers the entire State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and a sizeable portion of Virginia.

Vintage Settlement Services "out of office" coverage area

30 Years ago it was necessary to have a nearby office in every area a Settlement Services company wished to do business. That was the model that the industry followed. However, technology and the internet have changed that forever. With a solid processing team in place, multiple offices are no longer necessary – it’s now a digital world and Vintage operates that way. Our service level never changes whether we conduct a settlement next door or 100 miles away. In any case you can count on having a seasoned Vintage Settlement Services Settlement Officer conduct the closing and the same great service before, during and after the transaction!