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Good Faith Estimate (GFE) for Closing Costs

A good faith estimate or GFE has long been a part of the loan application process. It is provided to consumers at the time of application to help them plan for their settlements and know the amount of cash required to close their transaction.

After the Sub Prime crisis the government reviewed the process for providing a GFE and added more “teeth” to the requirement. Basically as a result of the changes certain costs areas are not allowed to fluctuate. Others can only fluctuate 10%. If these closing costs are outside of this tolerance the lender or broker is requires to “cure” this problem by paying for the extra amount. This is done in the form of a credit to the borrower on the settlement sheet. 

Due to these changes lenders, brokers, and realtors are now very sensitive to accuracy on good faith estimates. Vintage Settlement Services is very sensitive to this issue and also very well versed in providing accurate estimations. In order to best serve our customers we have developed a system whereby a borrower, lender, realtor, or consumer can simply answer a few brief questions on our website and receive a preliminary settlement sheet (HUD1) through email in less than an hour.

On any page of our website you can find the "Request a GFE Quote" button on the right hand side just below the “sold sign” – simply click on that button (or the link below on this page) and provide the requested information and within minutes you will be printing an accurate GFE quote without picking up the phone or leaving your desk.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to provide this service to you!